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The Iowa Geographic Map Server (Orthoserver) is currently
ONLINE however some imagery is unavailable due to a loss of data
If you wish to report a problem or be notified of changes in server status, please send an email to


The ISU GIS Facility

The GIS Support and Research Facility is a public computing facility established to support the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology at Iowa State University. The mission of the facility is to provide a high level GIS research support laboratory for students, faculty and staff as well as to provide GIS education and outreach to the ISU community and the state of Iowa. The Facility includes a research lab (218 Durham), a teaching lab (248 Durham) and a project/homework lab (526 Design). The GISF is a unit within IDRO, College of Design.

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Kevin Kane, Facility Director (, 515-294-0526
Jim Giglierano,GIS Analyst (, 515-294-1504
Gregg Hadish,GIS Analyst (
Amy Logan, GIS Analyst ( 515-294-0980
Robin McNeely, GIS Analyst/Lab Manager (, 515-294-2087
Josh Obrecht, GIS Analyst (ISU and USDA/ARS) (, 515-294-6990

ISU GIS Research Lab, 515-294-8451
Graduate Research Assistant
Shuo Liu, CRP

Student GIS Technician
Sam McDeid,
Environmental Science

Steering Committee and Former Staff


GIS Teaching Lab

Hold your GIS class
in the GIS Teaching
Lab (248 Durham)

  • -ArcGIS 10.x
  • -Imagine 2013
  • -GeoDa
  • -Quantum GIS
  • -Diva GIS
  • -Trimble Pathfinder
  • -18 student computers / instructor computer
  • -LCD projector