Iowa Gap Analysis Program
Cooperating Agencies:
Iowa Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7
USGS, Biological Resources Division NRCS, Natural Resources Institute
Iowa State University Iowa Association of County Conservation Boards
ISU GIS Facility Iowa NatureMapping
Iowa Department of Natural Resources National GAP
Iowa GAP Reports and Data
Terrestrial Aquatic
General Information General Information
What is GAP Analysis? What is Aquatic GAP Analysis?
Iowa GAP Staff Iowa Aquatic GAP Staff
Final Products Final Products
Final Report Final Report
Report Graphics Report Graphics
Species Range Maps
Quality Assurance Project Plan
Interim Products Interim Products
Landcover Process
Atlas/ Birds
Checklists Herps
Posters: GAP Overview Posters: Aquatic GAP Overview
Landcover Iowa Rivers Information System
Stewardship *
Vertebrate Modeling
Maps: Landform regions w/ topography
Landform regions w/ counties
Bailey's ecoregion subsections for Iowa