GIS Education and Training

GIS Classes Taught at ISU

There are many classes at ISU that teach GIS principles or that apply GIS principles to a variety of application areas. Course List

GIS Short Courses

Introduction to ArcGIS. This course provides an overview of ArcGIS functionality including data creation, analysis, map layouts and maintaining projects within the ArcGIS environment. Introduction of the geodatabase model will also be covered. Please contact the ISU Extension Geospatial Technology Program for dates, times, and cost.

ESRI Virtual Campus Courses

In order to take Esri training, you will need to have an account with the ISU ArcGIS Online organization. The first steps below will register you if you don’t already have one.

  1. Go to

  1. Click the blue button and you will log in with your ISU information. If you have not already registered with our ArcGIS Online Organization, logging in the first time will automatically register you.
  2. Click your account name in the top right corner. In the dropdown, click Training. This will redirect you to the Esri Training page.

  3. Once on the Training page, hover over Catalog and choose Course Catalog.
  4. When you click on Catalog, you will be able to see every course that Esri has available. Not all of these are free. Anything that is listed as free is obviously free. You will also see some that say Requires Maintenance. By logging in through our ArcGIS Online, you should see an unlocked lock like the first class below. This will allow you to take that course. If you forget to sign in, the lock would be locked and you would not be able to access. Some courses, mainly those that are instructor led, will show a cost. You can see this in the second class below. These you would have to pay for and there is no discount via our license.

  5. There are a lot of classes that you can take. Another thing that Esri has done is put together what are called Learning Plans. After you click Catalog, you should see Learning Plans right underneath Catalog. These are groups of courses that are in one place for you to access all on a given topic. There are many created by Esri here. Some of those will contain courses you would need to pay. By enrolling in a Learning Plan, you do not need to take all of them in there. As I said earlier, it’s more of a way to group by a topic.

    We have created the following Learning Plans to assist in your learning. If you would like to enroll, just search for the name.

    GIS Fundamentals – ISU
    ArcGIS Pro Fundamentals – ISU
    Migrate to ArcGIS Pro – ISU
    ArcGIS Online Fundamentals – ISU
    Advanced GIS – ISU
    Scripting in GIS – ISU