GIS Education and Training

GIS Classes Taught at ISU

There are many classes at ISU that teach GIS principles or that apply GIS principles to a variety of application areas. Course List

GIS Short Courses

Introduction to ArcGIS. This course provides an overview of ArcGIS functionality including data creation, analysis, map layouts and maintaining projects within the ArcGIS environment. Introduction of the geodatabase model will also be covered. Please contact the ISU Extension Geospatial Technology Program for dates, times, and cost.

ESRI Virtual Campus Courses

Esri has reorganized how you access Virtual Campus courses through their website. You will no longer need to receive a code from Esri through me as they are no longer assigning course codes.

In order to take Esri training, you will need to be registered through ArcGIS Online with your ISU login information. If you already have an ArcGIS Online account, you may skip to Step 3. Otherwise, begin with Step 1. Any questions, please let Josh know.

  1. Go to

  1. Click the blue button and you will log in with your ISU information. This will register you with ArcGIS Online.
  2. Visit and click Sign In.

  1. Click Enterprise Account. In the next window, enter isugisf into box as such

  1. On the next window, you will want to click the button.

  1. This will take you to an ISU login page where you will need to login with your ISU id and password. Once this is done, you be redirected back to Esri and logged in.

Once you are logged in, you can Find Training under Catalog. You will see all the training that is available to you. Ones you can access will show an unlocked lock. Please note, if you normally provide your students or staff members with codes, it would be best for them to be added to the organization and to create an account. Otherwise they will need to log in with your information in order to take the training.

If you want to see what trainings are available, please visit!/catalog/search. We suggest the following courses for beginners.

Getting Started with GIS
Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems
Working with Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS Pro
Basics of Map Projections
Exploring GIS Maps
Using GIS to Solve Problems
Getting Started with the Geodatabase
Creating Map Products
Solving Spatial Problems Using ArcGIS
ArcGIS Pro Editing Essentials