Library Resources

Parks Library has a large selection of books on GIS, remote sensing, and related topics. Below is a list of some that are available.

Title Author/Creator/Editor Library Catalog Link
Mapping The Nation : GIS - The Intelligent Nervous System For Government Environmental Systems Research Institute
GIS-Based Simulation And Analysis Of Intra-Urban Commuting  Yujie Hu and Fahui Wang
GIS For Science : Applying Mapping And Spatial Analytics  Dawn J. Wright and Christian Harder
GIScience Teaching And Learning Perspectives  Shivanand Balram and James Boxall
A Research Guide To Cartographic Resources : Print And Electronic Sources  Eva H. Dodsworth
GIS And Environmental Monitoring : Applications In The Marine, Atmospheric And Geomagnetic Fields  Stavros Kolios and Andrei V. Vorobev and Gulnara R. Vorobeva and Chrysostomos Stylios
Archaeological Remote Sensing In North America : Innovative Techniques For Anthropological Applications  Duncan P. McKinnon and Bryan S. Haley
Online GIS And Spatial Metadata. Terry R. J. Bossomaier and Brian A. Hope
GIS Algorithms  Ningchuan Xiao
Making Maps : A Visual Guide To Map Design For GIS  John Krygier and Denis Wood
GIS For Critical Infrastructure Protection  Robert F. Austin and David P. DiSera and and Talbot J. Brooks
Mapping The Nation : Building Smart Government With GIS. Environmental Systems Research Institute
Making Spatial Decisions : Using GIS And Lidar : A Workbook  Kathryn Keranen and Robert Kolvoord
Getting To Know ArcGIS Pro  Michael Law and Amy Collins
GIS Applications In Agriculture. Volume Four, Conservation Planning  Tom Mueller and Gretchen F. Sassenrath
Getting To Know Web GIS  Pinde Fu
Remote Sensing And GIS For Hydrology And Water Resources  Yangbo Chen and Christopher Neale
Essential Earth Imaging For GIS  Lawrence Fox and III
Mapping And Modeling Weather And Climate With GIS  L. Armstrong and K. Butler and J. Settelmaier and T. Vance and O. Wilhelmi
GIS Fundamentals  Stephen Wise
Mastering ArcGIS  Maribeth Price
Geographical Information Systems : Trends And Technologies  Elaheh Pourabbas
Geoinformation : Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, And Geographic Information Systems  Gottfried Konecny
Spatio-Temporal Approaches : Geographic Objects And Change Process  Hélène Mathian and Lena Sanders
Introducing Geographic Information Systems With ArcGIS : A Workbook Approach To Learning GIS  Michael Kennedy
GIS And Cartographic Modeling  C. Dana Tomlin
Thinking About GIS : Geographic Information System Planning For Managers  Roger Tomlinson
GIS Tutorial 1 : Basic Workbook  Wilpen L. Gorr and Kristen S. Kurland
The GIS 20 : Essential Skills  Gina Clemmer
GIS Tutorial 2 : Spatial Analysis Workbook  David W. Allen
Getting To Know ArcGIS For Desktop  Michael Law and Amy Collins
Lining Up Data In ArcGIS : A Guide To Map Projections  Margaret M. Maher
Geographical Information Systems And Spatial Optimization  Sami Faiz and Saoussen Krichen
Hydraulic Modeling And GIS  Lori Armstrong
Tribal GIS : Supporting Native American Decision Making  Anne Taylor
Digital Terrain Analysis In Soil Science And Geology  Igor V. Florinsky
The Sage Handbook Of GIS And Society  Timothy L. Nyerges and Helen Couclelis and Robert McMaster
GIS Applications In Agriculture. Volume Three, Invasive Species  Sharon A. Clay
GIS Applications In Agriculture. Volume Two, Nutrient Management For Energy Efficiency  David E. Clay and John F. Shanahan
Advances In Web-Based GIS, Mapping Services And Applications  Songnian Li and Suzana Dragicevic and Bert Veenendaal
GIS Tutorial 3 : Advanced Workbook  David W. Allen and Jeffery M. Coffey
Simulation Of Complex Systems In GIS  Patrice Langlois
Remote Sensing And GIS  Basudeb Bhatta
Spatial Statistics : Geospatial Information Modeling And Thematic Mapping  Mohammed A. Kalkhan
Geoinformatics In Applied Geomorphology  Siddan Anbazhagan and S.K. Subramanian and Xiaojun Yang
Spatial Data Analysis : An Introduction For GIS Users  Christopher D. Lloyd
Basic GIS Coordinates  Jan van Sickle
The Spatial Humanities : GIS And The Future Of Humanities Scholarship  David J. Bodenhamer and John Corrigan and and Trevor M. Harris
CAD And GIS Integration  Hassan A. Karimi and Burcu Akinci
Mapping : A Critical Introduction To Cartography And GIS  Jeremy W. Crampton