Geographic Information Systems Support and Research Facility

The Iowa Geographic Map Server (Orthoserver) is currently

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The GIS Support and Research Facility is a public computing facility established to support the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology at Iowa State University. The mission of the facility is to provide high level GIS research support for students, faculty and staff as well as to provide GIS education and outreach to the ISU community and the state of Iowa. The Facility includes a research lab (218 Durham), and teaching labs in 248 Durham and 526 Design. The GISF has an administrative home in the College of Design but serves the GIS needs of the entire university.                       

The spring 2016 - 2018 imagery is now available statewide for Iowa through image services and through the Orthoserver web viewers.

                           Iowa counties eastern half has imagery

For GIS questions, lab information or software use, contact our staff:

ISU GIS Research Lab 

515-294-8451, Ames

Robin McNeely, Facility Manager/GIS Analyst
215 Durham Center
Project Consulting and Management, Classroom Scheduling
Gregg Hadish, GIS Analyst
218 Durham Center
Amy Logan, GIS Analyst
219 Durham Center
Outreach, Projects
Josh Obrecht, GIS Analyst (ISU and USDA/ARS)
213 Durham Center
Programming, Software, Virtual Campus, Projects
Kevin Kane, Facility Director
126 College of Design
219 Durham Center

Student GIS Technicians
Kwasi Abebrese, CRP
Conner Adams, Geology
Rakibul Ahasan, CRP
Jamison Brus, CRP
James Pesce, ABE
Andrew Sunderman, CRP
Colin Welk, Env Sci
Xingyi Zhang, Hospitality Management

Steering Committee and Former Staff